SMASS Swiss Medical Assessment System

«SMASS» is a software that supports both laypersons and medical professionals in the targeted and rapid assessment and documentation of health problems and helps users to take appropriate measures.


Product Overview

SMASSProfessional» is used, for example, in the telemedicine sector and in pharmacies, where it supports health professionals in making initial assessments or medical clarifications. «SMASSPathfinder» for example, helps laypersons assess the urgency of everyday ailments such as fever, sore throats and injuries.


SMASS – 5 Advantages

Provides a high level of patient satisfaction and reliability of supply.
Offers competent use via structured queries and documentation.
Leads to the efficient use of resources in health care.
Ensures a uniform standard.
Ensures quality via an evidence-based, transparent and structured approach.


SMASS - Areas of application

Emergency services and hospitals
Health insurance and medical assistance





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